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Pause button


By locating the mind’s pause button we can come to know the voice that resides deep within us. This voice is the ultimate guide. It’s our intuition, timeless wisdom, and the voice of our heart. It always knows what’s best for us because it’s our greatest supporter, most attentive lover and dearest friend. What it has to tell us is more important than anything we could ever learn from the outside world – Sasha Manes

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Hi friends,

It’s been only two weeks since I have started blogging. Thus far it has been a very enriching experience. I addition to sharing a few thoughts that have been a great inspiration in my life, I come to know such wonderful people like you and have reaped the benefit of the wisdom and experiences shared by you all. I have learnt that joys, challenges, frustrations, anxieties, illness and pain we experience are universal. That all distinctions are human creations and in reality there are none. I rejoice as I see a light shining in each one of you which is being guarded from being extinguished even through chaotic conditions.

Life – its beauty, fortitude, love and transcendence – is much more than what has been experienced or imagined. The innocence of a child, the experiments of teenagers, the struggles of the young and counsel of the adults, all like the different spectrum of a rainbow, reveal the beauty of life its – passion, possibilities, resilience and transcendence.

Each one of you has emerged as a different person as you participate in the alchemy of life. The baser metal has changed into the higher, iron has changed into gold and with each new post the process of being refined continues. Every one of you has contributed in a unique way to my understanding the mystery of life through poetry and prose, snaps and art, likes and comments. Wisdom that is tempered with experience has its own glory.


I am sure that this collective treasure chest of wisdom and insight will continue to be a source of fortitude and forte in the face of challenges as we tread upon the highway of life. Helping us to move through life, not like business but as poetry, not through the head but through the heart, not as a riddle to be solved but as a mystery to be lived.

I dedicate this post to all my amazing friends on this blog .

God Bless.

Ranji Varughis

With respect and admiration to my friends.


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