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“The Work is not about shame and blame. It’s not about proving that you are the one in the wrong or forcing yourself to believe that someone else is in the right. The power of the turnaround lies in the discovery that everything you think you see on the outside is really a projection of your own mind. Everything is a mirror image of your own thinking. Once you have learned to go in for your own answers and opened yourself up to the turnarounds, you’ll experience this for yourself. In discovering the innocence of the person you judged, you’ll come to recognize your own innocence.” ~ Byron Katie

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Awareness is like the sky. Sometimes the sky is clear. Other times wispy clouds of different shapes, sizes and color appear. Thoughts, feelings, emotions that arise within us make up the clouds. These clouds, in the sky, may come and go. However, the space in which this all occurs remains the same. The sky is always present. To the sky there are no good days, bad days, rainy days or sunny days. Such is the nature of awareness. Such is the nature of who you are! You are always present, no matter what the contents within your field of awareness may be. The sky is who you really are. The sky is infinite awareness,

Drop into this space in which the clouds appear, that pure, empty, awareness of being. Recognize this boundless awareness is ever-present. Experiences may arise and pass, thoughts, feelings and emotions arise and pass within this awareness. Awareness is the changeless substratum in which all change arises and passes within. This awareness is the essence of who you are.

The practice of being aware in daily life is just a natural observation of whatever is occurring. Just being, you are aware of whatever arises, stays for some time and then passes. This could be a bodily sensations, feelings, thoughts, and mental states. You see them as they are, objectively. Even aware if some aspects of you are reacting to certain experiences. Let go of all judgement and just be a kind and compassionate witness. This is all that is required. As your practice deepens you will become the witness that watches the clouds with love and kindness.You will connect with that which is real, that which never changes.


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Loveless life is most unlovely, only a life of love is worth living

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This love is not to be confused with what generally passes for love in our world, which, more often than not, has its origins in the same materialist mindset that runs many other areas of our lives. We believe that if only other people would think or behave as we want them to, we would be happy. When they don’t, we may find ourselves feeling upset, angry, frustrated, or some other less-than-loving emotion. When we meet someone who we think will satisfy our deeper needs–someone, that is, who matches our image of the perfect person–our hearts are filled with warm feelings towards them. We say we love them.

Such love is conditional. We love a person for their appearance, their manner, their intellect, their body, their talents, their smell, their dress, their habits, their beliefs and values. We love someone whom we feel is special; someone who matches our expectations, someone who will satisfy our deeper needs, someone who will make our life complete.Such love is also fragile. If the other person gains weight, develops some annoying habit, or does not care for us as we think they should, our judgments can flip from positive to negative, and the love vanish as quickly as it came.

 The love of which the mystics speak is a very different form of love. It is an unconditional love, a love that does not depend on another’s attributes or actions. It is not based on our wants, needs, hopes, fears, or any other manifestation of the ego’s thought system. Unconditional love is the love that springs forth when the mind has fallen silent, and for once we are free from fear, evaluation and judgment. This unconditional love is always there at our core. It is not something we have to create; it is part of our inner essence. Pure consciousness–consciousness not conditioned by the needs and concerns of an individual self–is pure love. I, in my true essence, am love. – Peter Russell

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