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Why suffer?


From the most ancient days, man has asked again and again why is there suffering in life. If God is the father, then why is there so much suffering? If God is love and God is compassion, then why does existence suffer? Only by understanding Jesus can we get a satisfactory answer to this question. Human beings suffer because there is no other way to mature, to grow. Humans suffer because only through suffering can one become more aware.

Nothing is meaningless in this world. It is a cosmos, it is not a chaos. We cannot understand it because we know only fragments not the whole. We experience life just as if we have only one tattered page of a novel: it makes no sense on reading because it is just a small fragment and the whole story is not known. Once the whole story is known, then that page becomes comprehensible, coherent, meaningful.

Jesus on the cross was the symbol of the final suffering, the absolute suffering, the peak of suffering. On the cross Jesus wavered a little. The suffering was too much. It was no ordinary suffering, not ordinary body pain, it was anguish: not only physical, but deep psychological anguish – the anguish of feeling abandoned by God. And He asked God, “Why?” It was a moment of very deep anguish, when all the foundations and even faith is shaken. Then suddenly he realized why, because he became very much aware; the moment of crucifixion he came to perfect awareness.

Before that moment he was Jesus, after that moment he became Christ. Jesus disappeared and there was Christ. Immediately after the anguish he said, “No! Thy will should be done.” He accepted it. Thy will should be done because my will is going to be wrong.

The same energy that was creating intense suffering in Jesus is now transformed. It’s quality changes. There is only one energy in the human body. You can use it for sex, you can transform it and make it into love, you can transform it still higher and make it into prayerfulness, you can transform it still higher and make it awareness. Whenever there is suffering – mental, physical or existential, close your eyes and look at the suffering, make it a meditation. Look at it as an object separate from you, with which you are not identified. The bridge is broken, and the energy that was going to move into suffering will not move, because the bridge is no longer there. Whenever there is suffering become aware; then the bridge is broken, there is no transfer of energy to suffering and by and by it starves to death.


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Jesus, Knowing Him


Its a very delicate affair to understand Jesus; intense training is needed for this. It is just like understanding classical music. When you listen to classical music for the first time it may sound boring. It is so delicate, a long training is needed. You have to be an apprentice for many many years; only then your eyes are trained to catch the subtle. And then there is nothing like classical music; then ordinary day-to-day music, is not music at all, it is just noise. For enjoying classical music you need trained ears; without the training we hear noise and think it is music. Training is needed, and the more you are trained, the more the subtle becomes visible. But classiccal music is nothing before Jesus, because He is the cosmic music. You have to be so silent that there is no single flicker of thought, not a single movement in your being; only then can you hear Jesus, can you understannd Jesus, can you know him.


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Jesus of Nazereth


In his home town, people thought that Jesus was, “Just the carpenter Joseph’s son.” Nobody, nobody could recognize what had happened to this man: that he was no longer the carpenter’s son, that he had become God’s son. This is an inner phenomenon.


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Jesus, His Fortification

A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Matthew 5:14b.

The whole of life depend upon building it on a strong foundation. If the momentary is chosen then the foundation is being built on shifting sand. If the foundation has to be strong then it has to be built on the eternal. A city that is being built on the momentary is in ruins by the time it is ready, it is falling apart. This happens because the momentary lacks wholeness of vision. Only the moment is seen, and then it passes. These passing moments are seen and not a total vision. Since what is going to happen in the next moment is unknown what is done in the moment may have to be undone because it may not agree with the whole. So the uncertainty is always there. When decisions are made based on the momentary the whole may reject it and it may become absolutely useless and meaningless. For the city to be built on a rock wholeness of vision is indispensable. When life is built based on the momentary difficulties will arise as the whole will not adjust to the momentary.

The whole has to be consulted before the decisions are made. Life should be created and patterned with a vision of the whole. Have a vision that is timeless. For this to happen one has to move to a higher consciousness. A person standing under the tree can see up to the nearest curve on the road. If he climbs up the tree then he has a greater vision. From an aeroplane he can have a bird’s eye view of the whole city. The higher he ascends greater becomes the vision.

Imagine a person standing under a tree, he looks east and does not see a thing. Another person sitting on top of the tree says, “I can see a bullock cart tree.” The first person says, “I can’t see it. How can it be?” The bullock cart is in the future for him but for the man sitting on the tree the bullock cart is in the present. Hence present is not the same for everyone. Present is confined to each one and the present of one may not be the present for another. It depends upon the ladder of consciousness.

For Jesus everything is present: there is no future, there is no past. From the level of his consciousness the whole is visible. Nothing is past and nothing is future, everything is here and now. The existence of past and future only reveals the narrowness of vision. For an ordinary person when anything goes beyond the field of vision it becomes past; that which has not yet come becomes future. Existence is momentary as the vision is limited

The high altitude, which is awareness, is the fortification. A city that is built on a high mountain cannot fall nor can it be hidden. A city built on the timeless will be known for eternity. Nothing can hide it.

God bless.

Ranji Varughis.


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Jesus, His Light

3 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 4 How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? 5 You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye. Matthew 7:3-5

Everyone wants to change the world. But the truth is that no one needs change more than you. With this handicap if a person tries to change the other the result will be disastrous. Instead of transformation disintegration will occur. Only when a person is filled with light can he/she become a light to others. When you change the world starts changing. Self-knowledge is the transforming force.

Self-knowledge is the most difficult thing not because it is difficult but because there is a fright in knowing the truth about your-self. Because of this unconscious fear a person will consciously try to create all kinds of hindrances to this effect. When a person within him/herself it will become obvious that the image created of the self to the world is false. It will become evident that the whole life is a pseudo-existence. That there no love only a pretence of love. There was no happiness only pretence of happiness. It will become undeniable that the whole life was an act of deception. Because of the fear of exposure a person will do everything possible to avoid it and in the process create many images of the self. This guilt of creating false images prevents people from looking within.

People tried to be occupied twenty four hours of the day because it keeps them from avoiding confronting the self. A person may be constantly occupied with money so that the self may be buried underneath this occupation. But no matter how much money is earned there is still no satisfaction as the basic motivation is not to gain money but to remain occupied. A person may do the same thing over and over again because it is difficult to be at ease with the self. That is the reason the great masters said that is person is able to sit for a few hours without doing anything he/she will become enlightened.

Another fact is that it is difficult to maintain these fictions, so changes have to be made again and again to perpetuate this falsehood. Because of the fear to look within clouds are created so that everything looks misty and the self becomes blurred. Jesus is insisting, “Know thy self”.

There are two was of being good. The first is being good – which is very difficult. The second is to prove that the other is wrong and even if you are not good it give you a feeling of being good. It is this second method to which Jesus is referring here. A person need not be good just prove that the other is wrong and it gives a feeling of being good. There is no need to change the self just magnify the badness in others to look innocent. It can be observed that if something bad is said about a person it is accepted without any argument but to accept someone as good proof is required. Deep down everyone seeks to be good but it is difficult so the only alternative is to prove that someone else is worse in order to feel a little better.

“Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 4 How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? 5 You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye. Matthew 7:3-5

A person may be looking on others as darkness to get a feeling of being in the light. Jesus implies that this is the problem with those people who try to transform society. Everybody wants to change the other whether it is the priest, politician, social worker or a leader. The other is considered to be in darkness but the truth is that this is a projected darkness. Projecting this darkness on the other is the result of being in the dark. Hence such an approach is wrong and dangerous. The so called leaders are trying to destroy the darkness which is actually not there in others but which they (leaders) can see. They see hell in others because it is the only way they can feel heavenly.

Jesus in edifying his people to understand that self-realization is the way to change. A person can only change him/herself. The moment this happens the world starts to change. Realizing the inauthenticity of the images created the religious person begins to drop them. Self-knowledge is a transforming force; nothing else needs to be done. Jesus says, “first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye”. The beams in a person’s eye prevent clarity of vision of the self. Only when these beams are removed can the eyes penetrate into fact without any projection. Self-knowledge happens to a clear mind, a mind that is not filled with judgements of good and bad. Once this self-knowledge happens through a clear mind the light will flow from that person like from a lamp, or like fragrance from a flower. The lamp is lit which will light others and everyone is benefitted. Life becomes a blessing.

God bless

Ranji Varughis


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Jesus, His Way

Now there was a Pharisee, a man named Nicodemus who was a member of the Jewish ruling council. 2 He came to Jesus at night and said, “Rabbi, we know that you are a teacher who has come from God. For no one could perform the signs you are doing if God were not with him.”

3 Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.”

4 “How can someone be born when they are old?” Nicodemus asked. “Surely they cannot enter a second time into their mother’s womb to be born!”

5 Jesus answered, “Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit. 6 Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit. 7 You should not be surprised at my saying, ‘You must be born again.’ 8 The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.” John 3:3-8


This is one of the most profound sayings of Jesus. This saying is most basic to understand the message of Jesus and also the most difficult to achieve. Innocence is the door through which the divine descends into the human or vice versa. To be successful in the world a person has to be cunning. The more cunning a person is the more is the success. A person who is more calculating will become more efficient in the ways of the world. The nature of the human mind is being cunning and calculative. But because of this cunningness the Kingdom of God is missed even though it may help in attaining the Kingdom of the world.

The door to the Kingdom of God is exactly the opposite to the ways of the mind since there is no need for calculation or cleverness. The mind is not needed at all since there is no need to be clever or cunning. So the mind is unless with regard to the Kingdom but the heart becomes the source of being here because the heart is innocent.

Jesus’ emphasis is on innocence. Hence He talks about the innocence of children, or the beauty of flowers, lilies and the innocence of the birds. But the innocence of a child is not possible in an adult because it is already lost. Hence it is clear that Jesus does not intend us to take these words literally, it has to be understood symbolically.

How is it possible to be a child again? There is no possibility of going back the only option it to move forward. Once a person has tasted knowledge through the mind there is no possibility of losing what has been known so the only possibility is to transcend.

A saint becomes a child because of transcending and going beyond the mind by understanding the futility of trying to be successful in the world. The desire to be successful, the desire to impress others is renounced. The desire to become the greatest, the most important is relinquished. When this happens the person is transformed into a different dimension. Then there is childhood: ‘being born again’

This second birth is a virgin birth as it is brought about by the Spirit, and a person is innocent again. This innocence is higher than a child’s. The child’s innocence is not earned by the child but it is a gift of nature. It will be taken away and lost as the child grows. The saint remains innocent as it cannot be taken away.

The innocence of the child is poor because there is no experience: it is just the absence of something. But the innocence of the saint is the presence of something. The saint has known all the ways of the world and moved beyond. Having experienced all that the world has to offer the saint has now come out of it. This innocence is rich because of experience and cannot be destroyed.

When children are born they look at the world without the mind. The body comes first and the mind follows after many years because it takes time to develop. Till then there are no distinctions in the child. A person who has been born of the spirit will drop making distinctions. In short put aside the mind and look, be aware without the mind. When the clouds of thoughts are absent then the sun shines fullest. There is true awareness of reality like a child.

A child in the beginning, a child at the end – the circle of life is complete. This is what perfection is, returning to the source again.

God Bless.

Ranji Varughis.

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Jesus, His Purity

It’s not what goes into your body that defiles you; you are defiled by what
comes from your heart.” Mark 7:15

The fundamental question about being religious is not what a person ‘does’ but what a person ‘is’. If a thief goes to pray his prayer is wrong because prayer cannot be born out of a heart that has been deceiving, stealing, lying and harming. A person needs to have only one weakness and out of that one weakness all others are born. This single weakness will follow the person like a shadow. Whatsoever is done will be coloured by it. So the basic thing in religion is not what to ‘do’ but what to ‘be’. ‘Being’ is the innermost core, ‘doing’ is what is on the surface. A person can ‘be’ without doing anything but cannot ‘be’ without the being. Doing is secondary and dispensable being is vital.

Jesus talks about ‘being’ and how to transform it whereas religions talk about ‘doing’. Jesus is concerned about ‘being’, morality is concerned about ‘doing’. This is the reason he gave scant regard to the observance of purity rituals of his day. The complaint against him was that he did not observe the Sabbath laws. That He did not insist upon disciples to fast or observe the rituals of cleansing and laws about purity. In fact He even condemned those who insisted upon the pharisaic observance of the Law as hypocrites.

The real issue is not whether the food consumed is pure or not. If whether an untouchable has touched it or if a woman who is having her periods has passed by and her shadow has fallen upon it. The question is not about what is eaten but what is brought out. How what is taken in is transformed reveals the purity of the person.

A lotus is born in a dirty and stinky pond but the lotus transforms what it absorbs. For a lotus nothing is impure because it has the transforming power within. If the transforming power is present within a person, a lotus will be born even though it absorbs dirt. But if this power is absent, even if gold is absorbed it comes out as mud. What goes in takes the quality of the being and comes out.

Jesus pronounces that it is not what goes into a person that defiles but what is done with it. Insults will never defile a person but whether it has been transformed into love or hate reveals the purity of the being. The emphasis of Jesus is not to be too concerned about the nature of things that are external but whether there is the capability to transform what goes in.

What comes out makes known the quality of what is within. If anger emanates from within then there is sickness inside. If hatred arises it reveals that there is no wholeness within. If love compassion and light springs up then it shows that there is wholeness in the being. Purity comes from within. Only when change and transformation occur within will goodness, love and purity will blossom. True purity is does not come from what a person does but what a person is.

God Bless.

Ranji Varughis


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