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Awareness is like the sky. Sometimes the sky is clear. Other times wispy clouds of different shapes, sizes and color appear. Thoughts, feelings, emotions that arise within us make up the clouds. These clouds, in the sky, may come and go. However, the space in which this all occurs remains the same. The sky is always present. To the sky there are no good days, bad days, rainy days or sunny days. Such is the nature of awareness. Such is the nature of who you are! You are always present, no matter what the contents within your field of awareness may be. The sky is who you really are. The sky is infinite awareness,

Drop into this space in which the clouds appear, that pure, empty, awareness of being. Recognize this boundless awareness is ever-present. Experiences may arise and pass, thoughts, feelings and emotions arise and pass within this awareness. Awareness is the changeless substratum in which all change arises and passes within. This awareness is the essence of who you are.

The practice of being aware in daily life is just a natural observation of whatever is occurring. Just being, you are aware of whatever arises, stays for some time and then passes. This could be a bodily sensations, feelings, thoughts, and mental states. You see them as they are, objectively. Even aware if some aspects of you are reacting to certain experiences. Let go of all judgement and just be a kind and compassionate witness. This is all that is required. As your practice deepens you will become the witness that watches the clouds with love and kindness.You will connect with that which is real, that which never changes.


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You are not your thoughts.



One of the reasons for our misery is our identification with our thoughts. We believe that we are what our thoughts, feelings and perceptions reveal to us. But in reality we are not this. We are that which knows thoughts, feelings and perceptions. They are but objects that appear and disappear in our being. Look at the sky. There are two phenomena, the sky and the clouds. The cloud comes and goes. The sky never comes and never goes. The cloud is a time phenomenon. The sky is always there. It is a timeless phenomenon, it is eternity. The clouds cannot corrupt the sky, its purity is absolute. Its purity is untouchable. Thoughts are just like the clouds that appear in the sky. They may be of different sizes, shapes and colours. They appear and disappear but the sky remains pure. Our true being is like the sky. We are the silent watcher of the play of the clouds. Sometimes they are white and beautiful and sometimes they are dark, dismal and ugly. Sometimes they are full of rain and sometimes empty. Sometimes they greatly benefit the earth and sometimes they cause great harm. But the sky remains always the same. Thoughts, feelings, actions are like the clouds. Being is like the sky – things happen in you, you never happen.

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