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What is prayer? Ordinarily we think prayer is asking for something, demanding, complaining: we have desires and expect God to fulfil them. We go to God’s door to ask for something, we go as beggars. Prayer can never be begging; prayer can only be thankfulness. When we go to beg prayer is not the end, it is just a means. Prayer is not significant because we pray to get something; that something is significant, not prayer. Prayer can never be a means just as love can never be a means; love is the end. Prayer is love, it is simply to enjoy – not for asking, not for begging. Prayer is simply thanking the divine for allowing us to be, for allowing us to see different colours, for allowing us to listen. These are not things which we have earned, they are gifts. All we can ever do is to be thankful for all His gifts. Gratitude is prayer, and it is so beautiful to feel grateful that nothing can be compared to it. Prayerfulness is the climax of our happiness, it cannot become a means to some other end.


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