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Say YES to life


Living in the moment

Mindfulness is more than being conscious of thoughts, feelings and actions. In fact we are conscious all the time and are aware of everything that we experience with our senses. But the difficulty is that we are not willing to accept the present moment as it is. Mindfulness is the faculty to remain as a witness to whatever it is that is appearing in the moment.  It is to be able to remain in the present. Unfortunately our life conditioning since childhood is always to pursue a goal that is always in the future. To use the words of Alan Watts, “you are always living for some where you aren’t”.  While it is of tremendous use to look ahead and plan for the future, it is of no use planning for a future which when you reach you’ll be looking forward to some other future. Unless you can live the present moment fully you cannot live it all.

Ranji Varughis



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Opening to love

The most powerful force in the universe is Love. It is also our natural state of being. Our relationship to the world and how the world relates to us is based totally on how we experience ourselves. In fact the world we experience is an accurate reflection of our consciousness. The ability to unconditionally love and free ourselves from the unloving conditioning around us enables us to create more successful, rewarding, enriching and harmonious loving relationships. Discovering that love is what or who we are helps us to tap its power for good in our lives.

Path to wholeness

We need to see that love is ever present and inherent in our being. By understanding this we stop looking for it in the wrong place. The right place to look for it is the place in us that is prior to the mind, prior too the feelings. It is our ever present awareness in which  in which the desires, the frustrations, the longing – everything appears and disappears.  You don’t need to seek, find, or go out and get Love or demand it from others, or even expect it. You can’t get, seek, find, demand, or expect what you already are. It is already here. Everything is already infused with it. Love is not an experience which can come and go. It is who You are and this is the only constant, when everything else comes and goes. Put your attention here, and allow your sense of this to grow. If you are looking for Wholeness, here it is

You are the source of love, and you have the power to feel it. In any moment, you can choose love instead of following your train of thoughts about what you want and how you’d like things to be. You are the creator of your experience of life because you can choose how you respond to life each moment. We may not be able to control what comes our way and whether. But we can control how we choose to see and respond to whatever life brings us. Once we learn that we are masters of our experience in this way, life can be full of love whether we have someone special giving it back or not.

Ranji Varughis


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