Reacting or Relating

16 Jan


Relationships can bring great joy or great pain – including the relationship you have with yourself. Awareness makes it easier to create the relationships you want because it allows you to understand your behavioural patterns rather than bein unconsciously driven by them. Emotional issues arising from relationships can become all-consuming, drain you of energy, and take you away from your peace. Being conscious helps you in observing your thoughts and feelings rather than being swept away by them. Awareness helps you to deal with your reactions and conflict in a health way leading to greater understanding and togetherness.

To be in touch with your internal happiness system you need to go beyond the chatter of your mind to a place where you feel loving. When you experience yourself as the loving individual you are, you will recognise that same love in other people. When you go beyond those thoughts, recognising that thoughts are not who you are, they are just thoughts or a trick of the mind, you will connect to the real you, which is love. You can then choose to base your relationships on love

Innately we all want to connect and get on well with others. Often a conflict can escalate despite our best intentions. Being aware of our “triggers”  and what is going on for us internally is the key. When we are aware of our thought and the resulting emotions it give us a choice in relation to any action we may want to take. The ability to consciously choose our behaviours is what determines how “conscious” we are.  Develop the ability to turn your focus inward in times of tension and stress and then choose your behaviour to experience the true joy of consciously connecting in your relationships.

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