Shift from Seeking to Finding!

15 Jan

Shift from seeking to finding!!!


Everyone is seeking for answers. Seeking to feel better. They do not like what they possess. Someone else seems to have what they
want. It is a miserable situation. People seek wealth, power, authority, love and so on. But all this search is based on external
things. Everything in the external world comes and goes. People get lost in the search for external things.

The reality is different. The external world is just a reflection of the inner world. If someone or something makes them happy it is
actually the seeing of the happiness which is already within them. Similarly to get angry at some one is actually projecting the
anger that exists within on to others. All that is considered external actually exists internally.

To know this is the end of seeking and the start of finding. Is a wonderful moment because the blame game with the external
world comes to an end. Energy and attention are brought back to the inner world. Awareness is brought to what is happening
in the moment. This leads to light and love opening and unfolding. A bridge to the real self is built.

They do not have to see this as a daunting task. Just dig one shovel full of dirt at a time. By gently bringing awareness to what
is happening in the inner world. To see what is there. To see how the story is influencing their lives, begins the process of letting
go of the pain and attatchments. Clearing away the sludge makes them feel better. Deeper truths and answers that they held
within come up to the surface. Bringing the answers that they were seeking outside.


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2 responses to “Shift from Seeking to Finding!

  1. Emma

    January 15, 2015 at 2:23 am

    It is the self-awareness and the belief which allows us to become self realised. Remaining open ensures we hear the whispers of our inner voice, the sweet purity of our own truth. This further allows us to listen and comprehend the needs and motivation of others

    • ranjivarughis

      January 15, 2015 at 8:22 am

      True! When we begin to experience the inner reality the we begin to transcend the duality and limitations which are the characteristics of the mind and experience the bliss which is our inner reality and truth and is not dependent on external factors. This experience of oneness will change our understanding of the external world and enable us to relate to it with true compassion, kindness and love.


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