Third Dimension

02 Jan


Most of us spend our lives trapped in the concept of duality. It is a trick of the mind to keep us enslaved to it. Light-darkness, good-bad, love-hate, and so on. When we choose one of the two it is like the pendulum that has moved to one extreme but it cannot remain there for long. The result being we are caught up in swinging to either extreme and there is no rest. The mind is happy because it gets the attention it is desperately seeking in order to remain at the center.

But there is a third dimension to this polarity. In the third dimensional realm of polarity, dark and light are not bad and good. They are just here and we are the awareness of them. When we learn this, the polarities fade into unity. It enables us to connect with our true self. We begin to perceive the truth more clearly so that we can make more conscious choices and move into alignment with our soul path. This practice which greatly supports the process of self-inquiry and realizing the truth of who we are, is meditation.

Understand this and floods of conscious bliss shall come pouring in and around you from all directions. NAMASTE.

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